Dr. Smith receives invitations to speak at churches, ministries, schools and organizations nationally, but asks that you prayerfully consider his position as he has shared:
"I receive calls from pastors and friends of the ministry to come and speak about topics like soul-winning or apolegetics.  Many times, they will call in zeal after reading my book; and for that I am grateful.  However; if they invite me on emotion, rather than having the Holy Spirit confirm in their heart that it is His will for me to come, it would be in vain.  Much like the many signs you see in front of churches today that say "Revival, Sunday May 28th, Guest Speaker: John Doe Evangelist", you wonder if they've let God know yet that it was on the calendar!  I don't mean to sound crude, but the truth is that we can only see revival when we least expect it as held from the Scriptures, and that is only after much prayer, fasting, and Godly living. All of that begins and ends with prayer. So, I ask that before anyone considers inviting me to come, that they ask the Lord if it is His will and let the Holy Spirit confirm. Knowing; therefore, that the time for my arrival to speak is a Holy Spirit appointed meeting, our joint effort will not be in vain as it will be all about lifting up our Lord Jesus and the Gospel - and never about pleasing men! Amen!"
As the Pastor of Covenant Reformed Baptist Church (, Dr. Smith maintains a home office in Shelby for the ministry while traveling 3-4 days a week in his capacity as President of Lionshare Investments LLC.  He is committed to personally return every phone call, email or letter as soon as he is able.  
Dr. Casey Smith
PO Box 2476
Shelby, North Carolina 28150
(704) 564-3150 Mobile  
(704) 406-9540 Home Office/Study


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